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Practice of Worship


In many ways, the Moravian practice of worship is similar to other Protestant churches. We gather together as a community of faith on Sunday mornings in the sanctuary space of our building. There we sing hymns, pray, read the liturgy, hear readings from scripture, and listen to a sermon interpreting the scripture. The service of worship lasts about an hour. The sacrament of communion is offered at least 8 times a year, on church holidays, and occasionally on other days as well.

Our congregation is small and our style is at once casual and contemplative. Jokes from the pulpit, a comment called out from the pew or a child deciding to join the pastor up front are not unheard of, yet in general, worship is conducted in a manner conducive to prayer and reflection. We do encourage members of the church to participate in leading worship.

We will bring back a link to an example of a worship service from one Sunday's bulletin, with some notes of explanation, as soon as we have updated the page. We hope that this will help the first time visitor feel more familiar with us, and thus more at ease coming to our service.

You may also want to read an article Pastor Amy wrote for the November newsletter, which describes a vision for the church and how recent changes in worship fit with that vision.

We'll add more about worship as we experience and understand it here at the Main Street Moravian Church ... as soon as we write it down. For now, if you have any questions not answered here, email the pastor at [email protected] Better yet, visit us in person and see for yourself.



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