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Our Pastor

Northfield's Main Street Moravian Church is pastored by Amy Gohdes-Luhman. Amy was called by the congregation to serve as pastor in the fall of 1996. She is very enthusiastic about the progress of "the main street church" and the possibilities opening up to to the church. In addition to sustaining a healthy community of faith, Amy hopes she is nurturing a strong sense of mission to the needs of the larger Northfield community. Preaching and pastoral care are also high priorities in her ministry. You can find out more about Amy below.

Amy Gohdes-Luhman

Read her introductory greeting, her latest newsletter column, her November 2001 statement on Vision and Worship, or check out a few of her sermons.



A black and white photo of the attractive young woman who serves as our pastor.I am Amy Royer Gohdes-Luhman, the pastor at the Main Street Moravian Church. I began this pastorate, my first, at 31, and five years later I am still enjoying it immensely. I am a Minnesota native who grew up in Chaska, Minnesota. It is good to be back in Minnesota after having lived out east in Bethlehem, PA where I attended the Moravian Seminary. Before that I was an English Lit major at UW-Madison. After finishing my Masters of Divinity I continued my studies at Northwestern University and Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary in Chicago. I am presently completing my Ph. D. in Old Testament and Rhetoric. My area of interest is in feminist rhetorical analysis of Old Testament Narrative;my dissertation is on the figure of Jezebel and the rhetorical creation of evil women in the biblical text. I am also mother to Addison Royer Luhman, nearly five years old; her sister, Josephine Sansetta Luhman, three years old; and their one-year-old brother Samuel Iacano Luhman.

Do you have a question about the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament)? Help keep Amy's scholastic skills sharp! Email the pastor at [email protected].

Vision of Ministry

I developed a serious interest in ministry during high school, though I did not share this with anyone except my boyfriend, who later became my husband, Tom Luhman. My father, who is a Moravian minister in Watertown, WI, was an inspiration to me. As a child I often played "minister" in the church where he worked. I feel called to serve in the parish ministry as long as my talents allow. I see the church as a place for communal and personal worship. I envision the church as a body of believers who see their work together as serving the needs of the forgotten in the community. It is a body that seeks justice and mercy for all. I see the Church as a politically engaged community of committed people who see no separation between their religious and secular lives. The Church is at its best should reflect Christ at work in the life of the greater community.


One of my favorite parts of the parish ministry is preaching and I find myself moving between three styles of preaching. Primarily, I am a lectionary preacher, but I approach the assigned texts differently from week to week depending on the needs of the congregation. There are three basic patterns in my preaching: biblical, congregational and thematic. Biblical preaching involves exploring a part of the Bible that is not often addressed or looks at the historical or cultural aspects of a given pericope. It is exegetical in nature and comes closer to teaching than preaching at times. Congregational sermons can also be lectionary based, but are often topical. In a topical sermon I choose a particular text which relates to some issue or crisis with which I feel the congregation is or should be grappling. It could be the death of a much loved member, sickness or illness in the congregation, a schism, or a vision for the future, etc. And lastly, thematic preaching is usually lectionary-based. I use this style when I notice a theme at work in all three pericopes and I tell a story or repeat a phrase that captures this theme throughout my sermon.

It is my hope that this little bit of background helps you understand who I am. Feel free to ask me more direct questions by emailing me at [email protected] See you on the net, if not in the pew!



September 16, 2001 sermon

For a better understanding of Amy's preaching style, we offer the following three sermons that she preached at Main Street Moravian Church. Keep in mind that Amy wrote these for herself to speak from; they have a conversational tone in keeping with the fact that they were meant to be heard, not read.

A biblical sermon

A congregational sermon

A thematic sermon


Hello from Pastor Amy:

Here is the most recent "Hello from Pastor Amy" newsletter column.

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