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Moravians, along with other Christians, believe in God the Loving Creator, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. We believe that God is revealed once and for all in Jesus Christ, and that we are redeemed with the whole of humanity by Christ's death and resurrection. We believe that God is present with us in the Word (scripture) and Sacrament (baptism and communion). We believe that the Spirit calls us to serve one another, and unites us into a living church of Jesus Christ. We believe that we are all sinners who require forgiveness daily, forgiveness granted by the grace of God.

Those are the essentials of our faith. We follow the motto "In essentials unity, in nonessentials liberty, and in all things love." "In nonessentials liberty" means that there are no creeds or confessional statements which you must believe to be a part of the Moravian Church. Although we respect the ancient creeds as fearless expressions of faith, and use these creeds in worship, they are more like examples than requirements for belief. We do not believe there is a specific doctrinal system contained in scripture. For that reason we welcome a diversity of individual belief and interpretation and discourage argument about mysteries impenetrable to human reason. We believe that the essential Christian beliefs are enough to unify us; it is not necessary and may be destructive to get more specific.

This commitment to unity in diversity is very important to us as Moravians. We believe that God called the Moravian Church into being as a church which emphasizes fellowship and community. At the same time, we believe that faith is in essence a personal relationship with God, and that God confronts and calls each of us as individuals. Being true to a call to fellowship at the same time that we are true to a call to a deeply personal understanding of God and relationship with God requires an acceptance of difference.

If you want to know more, you could start by reading the documents the Moravian church has produced in an effort to describe our common beliefs, our identity and our understanding of God's call to a Christian way of life. Remember that these are not meant to be tests of "true christianity" or a discipline imposed from above. Instead, they are agreements to be entered into with one another as brothers and sisters, subject to prayerful reconsideration and alteration by the democratic processes of the Moravian Church. If you have questions, feel free to email the pastor at [email protected]

The Ground of the Unity

The Ground of the Unity is a mission statement adopted by the Unity Synod (an international gathering of Moravians from each of the Provinces) in 1957. This is an abbreviated version.

The Moravian Covenant for Christian Living

The Covenant, originally called the Brotherly Agreement, was first adopted in Herrnhut, Germany in 1727. The current form, like the ones before it, is an attempt to provide a guide for Christian Living, which congregations are encouraged to adopt as principles undergirding their own congregational life.



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